Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 24th

Christmas Eve!

Not feeling to dandy.
Got a bit of a cold.
But got the turkey in the oven.
Considered going back to bed,
 but decided I had other things that needed to be done.

Gillams coming over for lunch.

I cooked the turkey, made mashed potatoes, corn and rolls.  Sam did everything else.

The food was awesome, just as it was for Thanksgiving.
In fact, Kevin declared it better than Thanksgiving.

Here are several photos!  It's just so hard to pick only a few.

Kevin carves the ham

Mike carves the turkey

Michael and Isaac
*(l-r)  Ellie, Coco, Madison, Zion with their ginger-men

and sugar cookies of course

Here is the link to Sam's blog with more photos..

Before church,
Zion put out treats for Santa and the Magic Key, just in case Santa came while we were at church.
(He did that one time in San Diego while we were at Christmas Eve service).

The Magic Key from Tia Maria a few years ago.

Zion put a post-it note on this candy cane for Santa over a month ago-so no one would eat it before Christmas.

Isaac and Zion, Maddy and Ellie were in the church Christmas Eve program called a GREAT LIGHT.
Isaac had a reading from Isaiah

the kids heard the Christmas story first person from "Grandma Mary"

After church, we opened all the gifts from each other and those from the grandmas in the states.

Zion loves Cam Newton, thanks Mamo Duke!

we are seeing a theme here.....and we like it! 

War Eagle!!!

Michael is not much for my constant photo taking

THANK YOU GILLAMS!  I know that my coffee will taste better in this cup! 

We played a little bit of Wii Sing-it.  A game that the boys and MIke picked out for me

 (*well, three of us did)  It's going to be a fun family activity!!

You can see Isaac singing SOLO here!

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