Friday, December 24, 2010

December 23rd

Mike had Thursday and Friday off this week.  So the CEC guys had planned a family game of Ultimate Frisbee.  I had cookies to bake for church, so I stayed home.  The game started at 730am, so the grouch factor here was high in the morning.   But by the time everyone got home, they were happy and had a good time.  Also, I had about 50 gingerbread ready for eyes and mouths.  Zion and Mike helped, while I continued on to the sugar cookies.  I literally baked all day.  

We had swimming in the evening followed by rehearsal at church for the Christmas Eve service.  Maddy, Ellie and Zion were all in the choir, and Isaac had a speaking part.  So we decided to ride together to swimming and then the church.  I always enjoy my time with Sam, even if it's just doing "mommy stuff". 

After practice, the boys got to pick one gift and open it. They were excited about it, and it just helps Christmas feel closer!!  I wish somehow there was a way to make every day feel like Christmas!

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