Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 18th

One week until Christmas.........time for baking.

In the middle of my morning, my brother Derrick called me.

My family was out Christmas caroling.

6500 miles away.......  so sweet and thoughtful and music (and memories) to my ears.

Later in the afternoon, we made the trek up to Andersen Air Force Base.
They have this tradition there called, "Rota Walk".
I'm not sure how it got started...........but I would guess that a few competitive military types got into a secret competition about who had the most Christmas decorations.

The street is closed off for this one night.
And almost every house was giving away something.
The kids got lots of cookies and candy canes.
But there was also:

Ice Pops
and more........

I also heard that it is SUCH a big deal, that you have to agree to decorate if you accept a house on that street.  (not sure that's legal, but it works for me.........I love Christmas)

Here are a few photos.

This plane "flew" across the street and dropped candy

Firefighters yard
uh....a pilot I'll bet.  :)

This was the snowcone house

playing with the glowsticks and the shutter speed

Santa stuck in the tree

Yep.........snow blowers!

Zion with "snow" in his hair

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