Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15th - CHOCOLATE!

Last day of school tomorrow -
Worked on teacher gifts today.

You have to do something
when you have two kids in middle school
with 8 teachers each.

You may not know that I only buy FAIR TRADE chocolate.
After learning the truth about the way some companies use children as slaves to harvest cocoa beans,
I can't look at a Hersey bar and feel good about buying it.

(to learn more about this - click here   and here)

So when I saw these FAIR TRADE chocolate bars at the commissary WAY BACK
in October - I snatched them up!!

Yesterday - I wrapped them in Christmas scrapbook paper and BAM!

Merry Christmas teachers!

And hey....while I got ya here.

Will you please consider buying only fair trade chocolate this Christmas???

A list of FairTrade Chocolate Companies here.

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