Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th

Wednesday was a busy day with nothing really "Christmas-y" going on.

Several errands to run in the morning
and a photo shoot for Meleah -
swimming for Michael and Zion
and a quick trip to the commissary

Two more school days and 101 things to do -

teacher gifts and Christmas cards still need to be completed.

And Meleah desperately needs a day at home to nap without
being snatched up and dumped in a car seat to run out the door
to the next event.

Oh the life of child #4 - she rolls with it well.

So - since there are no photos of this busy, crazy, regular day -
I thought I would give you something to listen to
and think about -

Doesn't every child deserve to be in a family for Christmas?

We think so -
Contact us if you are interested in Foster Care

Father of the Fatherless
Be with your sons and daughters

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